European handcycling champion Liz McTernan has been given a helping hand to achieve her dreams of becoming an Ironman triathlete in Kona, Hawaii, thanks to sponsorship by Obam Stairlifts.

Family business Obam Stairlifts has donated £1,000 to Liz to help her cover the associated costs of travel, training and equipment for her Ironman World Championship challenge.

Liz and the mobility specialists at Obam Stairlifts first met during the company’s open day in June 2016 when Liz spoke about her sporting achievements and how she’s adapted to life in a wheelchair following a freak diving accident where her buoyancy aid malfunctioned.

Chris Butroid, Director at Obam Stairlifts, said: “Hearing about Liz’ incredible sporting achievements really stuck with me and when we heard that she was planning to take on her next big challenge I wanted to offer to help.

“I can’t imagine the training and pure grit it must take to complete an Ironman triathlon, but we’ve been following Liz’ progress closely and we have everything crossed for her.”

Liz said: “I’m so thankful to the Obam Stairlifts team for their support. It’s great to see that other people are confident in my abilities and are keen to sponsor my journey.”

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