Gartec are the UK’s leading supplier of award-winning Aritco Home Lifts. They are a wholly owned subsidiary of Aritco, who manufacturer their lifts. Gartec Home offer access solutions to residential projects improving lives of users through safe and reliable platform lift products.

They have a dedicated home team, UK wide project managers and specialist engineers who provide support, advice and have over 25 years of experience. Gartec work with occupational therapists who are planning for future needs or for a decline in the physical ability of their client, offering an access solution that can contribute to more accessibility, independence and security by offering a safe, reliable and cost-effective option.


Gartec’s platform lifts are designed to complement a home. Often clients are concerned about the intrusion of medical equipment being installed into their home as it will look unsightly, clinical and will require extensive building works. Gartec, however, pride themselves on offering home platform lifts that are integrated into the fabric of the home, adding to the aesthetic and providing a stylish and modern device to increase independence and mobility at home.  

Increasing Independence
Making modifications to a client’s home can maximise user participation in daily tasks, activities and facilitate performance. By introducing a suitable platform lift, barriers could be broken down allowing the user to participate in all activities around their home, thereby improving their quality of life and ensuring their safety and independence.


Easy Installation
Gartec platform home lifts can be an effective and affordable intervention for reducing risks and increasing wellbeing. Often home-owners believe they need to adapt or ‘medicalise’ their home drastically in order to achieve this, however platform lifts are a simple and cost-effective solution. The installation is quick and easy, taking no more than five days and the work involved is less intrusive than that of a conventional lift. They have been designed with the user in mind, ensuring they are stylish and discreet, with a range of design options available ready to complement any home interior.

Platform Lifts
Once a client has been assessed, OTs can ascertain which lift would be appropriate. Platform lifts are ideal home additions to increase independence, improve safety and futureproof any home. Safety is a top priority in all the Gartec products and the safety features included are designed to keep the whole family safe.

The lifts can accommodate both bariatric users and wheelchair users. They are spacious, with enough room to move freely in and out of the platform lift with doors available on multiple sides. They have a 410kg lifting capacity, and there is enough space and weight allowance for an accompanying person to travel between 2-6 floors for an easy and secure travel.

To find out more about Gartec’s platform lifts watch the video below or visit gartechome.com.