For the third year running, Impey was one of the four main sponsors of the successful Foundations ‘Adaptations Technical Roadshow’, which gives Technical Officers and Occupational Therapists the opportunity to learn about features of products related to specifying and fitting level access shower solutions.

The free training sessions, which toured four venues in Bristol, Colchester, Sheffield and Dudley, focused on fitting wetroom floors, showers and pumps. Impey had a large part to play, offering invaluable advice to the participants on their market-leading care solutions products.

Douglas Stem, Development Manager at Foundations commented: “This year’s roadshow was even more successful than our previous events, with over 100 people attending. Delegates particularly appreciated the OT input as well as the Q&A session with the manufacturers. Many thanks to our sponsors Impey for supporting Foundations in this successful venture.”

Led by Shaun Hunt, Technical Manager, Impey’s talk consisted of several key subjects:Impey Radiate tray High Res

-Achieving level access with the Impey EasyFit floor former

-Explaining how to accurately measure and compare slip resistance across all industry shower trays

-Waterproof tanking options for tiled wet floors

-Advances in modern shower seating

-Half height shower doors

-Increased innovation in grab rails with the MaxiGrip Plus

The newly launched ‘Radiate’ shower tray was on-show, and a full demonstration of the slip-resistant satin technology was used to explain the importance of the European DIN Wet Foot Slip Test.

‘Radiate’ is a certified slip-resistant shower tray for unbreachable floors which has been designed to address the needs of care solution specifiers and users and solves the problem of installing a bath replacement shower on a solid floor area. Designed by Impey’s specialist research and development team in conjunction with Occupational Therapists, professional contractors and care professionals, ‘Radiate’ is simple to install and is easy to clean.

The satin slip resistant finish is DIN B rated to 18 degrees in a wet environment; making it one of the safest shower trays available. At just 40mm high, ‘Radiate’ offers easy access for those with limited mobility and is wheelchair friendly, with ramps available if needed. As well as incorporating multiple waste outlet locations, ‘Radiate’ is compatible with all of Impey’s pumped waste options and has an easy clean, noise reduction drain. ‘Radiate’ comes with a lifetime guarantee, and is available in seven sizes.

In a recent blog post Elaine Hollerhead, an OT with 30 years’ experience wrote: “Working in the local authority and private sectors we (OTs) are committed to falls prevention, especially in the elderly, and we need to be particularly aware of the difference between anti and non-slip surfaces – there can be a big difference.”

But, surprisingly, when surveyed at this year’s BAOTCOT Annual Conference in Brighton, over 80% of those attending were unaware of what the ‘DIN’ standard certifies in relation to slip resistance in shower trays and a higher number called for it to be included as a rule for shower tray specification in the future.

As part of the Adaptations Technical Roadshow, Impey was able to reinforce to attendees the essential-importance of a slip-resistance rating within the healthcare market for shower trays and explain why the DIN B rating of the ‘Radiate’ shower tray sets it apart from unrated trays.

Kate Sheehan, Director at The OT Service and Occupational Therapist commented: “As an OT I found the Adaptations Technical Roadshow day in Bristol, made me reflect about my role within the adaptations process and the clear need to promote the essential role of individual specification in the design. The other benefit of the day was the updating of product available on the market, which can enable and enhance our client’s independence within the modification process.”

To find out more about the ‘Radiate’ shower tray and Impey’s other leading healthcare products including the revolutionary new ‘Slimfold’ shower seat visit: or tel. 01460 256 080.