Image: Finding Your Feet by Corinne Hutton

Words by Colette Carr

Scottish amputee charity Finding Your Feet founder and self-styled ‘Bionic Mum’ Corinne Hutton had expressed her emotion and gratitude at receiving a double hand transplant, after more than 12 false alarms.

Following a five year wait, the quadruple amputee from Lochwinnoch travelled to Leeds General Infirmary for the mammoth 12-hour operation, but Corinne was left delighted with the results.

Finding Your Feet posted a video to Twitter of the 47-year-old from her hospital bed as she recovers, saying, “I’ve got hands, they look exactly like mine. They look amazing.

“I’ve got fingers, and they can move – I shouldn’t be doing that right enough, but it’s absolutely incredible. I’m so thrilled.”

The surgery was carried out by a crack team including Professor Andrew Hart, who performed the surgery to remove her hands and lower legs and kept in close touch with Corinne.

The relentlessly busy mum has conquered a number of feats and organised numerous events and opportunities for other amputees of all ages since losing her hands and feet to acute pneumonia and sepsis since 2013, including being believed to be the first female quadruple amputee to reach Mount Kilimanjaro’s summit.

Finding your feet

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