Wiltshire Farm Foods has announced its first-ever range of Christmas meals, introducing a variety of festive favourites to its Softer Foods Collection that have been specially created for those living with swallowing difficulties.

The launch will be welcomed by those living with the condition, also known as dysphagia, offering meals which have been developed in line with IDDSI (International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative) requirements and which are as appealing visually, as they are nutritionally. All dishes are also developed in line with key nutritional guidelines from the British Dietetic Association, ensuring they meet appropriate nutritional standards for people living with dysphagia.

The range includes an energy dense Puréed Turkey with Red Cabbage, Sage and Cranberry Stuffing and Duchess Potatoes, with over 500 Kcal and 20g protein; Puréed Honey Glazed Pork with Apple Sauce, Green Beans and Sauté Potatoes (a meal which is both energy dense and gluten free) and a Puréed Festive Pudding with Vanilla Sauce; packed with balanced notes of festive spices, which is also gluten free.

Both the Turkey and Sauté Potatoes of the Pork dish appear beautifully browned, enhancing the visual aspect of these meals, something that Wiltshire Farm Foods has pioneered and developed as part of its commitment to providing the most authentic looking dishes, whilst welcoming dignity in dining for all of its customers.


The company is inviting occupational therapists to try the meals for themselves so that they can experience new dishes that can help those under their care. By simply registering on the link below, OTs can request for a tasting box to be sent to their home or office, which also contains a selection of vouchers to distribute to their patients.

Emily Stuart, Registered Dietitian for the company, says:

“All our Christmas dishes have been developed in line with the requirements for an IDDSI Level 4 diet. Dysphagia can often be a barrier to inclusive and enjoyable mealtimes, and as Christmas is such a sociable time of year, we wanted to ensure that those living with the condition have the opportunity to experience food which is both safe and delicious.”

Having long been the pioneers of texture modified food, this year has been an unprecedented one for Wiltshire Farm Foods, with the launch of several new meals, all developed to improve the quality of life for those living with dysphagia.

Wiltshire Farm Foods is encouraging The OT Magazine readers to try its meals as part of its ‘See, Taste, Believe’ campaign. For OTs who would like try a selection of the company’s Queen’s Award winning meals (delivered safely to an address of your choice) visit: https://www.specialistnutrition.com/healthcare-professionals/

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