Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare has today launched their new, nationwide Fall Prevention and Bathroom Safety marketing campaign.

Working in conjunction with their retail partners, the worldwide organisation has developed a handy customer help guide with the principal aim of preventing household falls.

Claire Cudden, Head of Sales & Marketing for Bathroom Safety at DDH commented:

“The simple to understand tick list will promote customer home and bathroom safety recommendations emphasising our message that falls are preventable and not inevitable. The advice, combined with other point of sale marketing material as well as DDH’s extensive range of add on innovative bathroom safety products will allow our retailers to support their customers and hopefully avoid potential household hazards and ultimately falls.”

According to the NHS, 6 out of 10 falls happen in a person’s home or garden, with one of the most common places to fall being in the bathroom. Wet and slippery surfaces, poor lighting, loose mats and flooring, difficulty stepping over and into a bath or shower, bending to wash and clean combined with the necessity to visit the bathroom more often especially at night creates a multitude of worrying potential hazards. There are many different reasons, and normally a combination of risk factors, why people fall in later life. One of the main reasons for most is simply the natural Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Focussing on Falls. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare has today launched their new, nationwide Fall Prevention and Bathroom Safety marketing campaign. deterioration in a person’s muscle strength and eyesight associated with their natural ageing process. This can cause difficulty with balance, bending and stepping.

Most importantly though healthcare experts believe the vast majority of falls could be prevented with some fairly modest changes to a person’s lifestyle and home. NHS recommendations include regular strength and balance exercises, a medication review, a vision test and a home hazard assessment. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare want to also eliminate these potentially life changing hazards for their customers by providing and continuously developing a vast range of innovative products designed specifically to prevent any fall and make the bathroom a much safer place.

About a third of all people aged over 65 suffer a fall each year, with higher rates among those over 75¹ that will cause serious injury and even death. The cost to the NHS and social care equates to £2.3 billion per year² compounds the fact that we need to focus on fall prevention. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare are doing just this. To find out more, please contact: 0845 0600 333 or

Download Fall Prevention Retail Trifold leaflet

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