14716276_711788792308412_7886224798597331035_n‘Don’t call me Mum’ a campaign set up by parents who get irritated by being called ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’ in meetings and appointments about their children. 

‘Don’t call me Mum’ is campaigning for professionals to see parents as partners, asking practitioners to use parents names rather than calling parents Mum or Dad. In doing so they are making a simple step toward acknowledging the valuable participation parents make in every child’s care and education.

The ‘Don’t call me Mum’ Awareness Day and ‘Don’t call me Dad’ Awareness Day will be held on the 28 November 2016. It will be a day to raise awareness to the plight of parents all around the country. Parents to partner with the professionals, parents have a label beyond Mum or Dad. Parents have a role, skills, invaluable insight, and a name.

Are you a parent who wants to join the campaign?

  • Like Don’t call me Mum on Facebook
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  • Share the blog
  • Add the ‘Don’t call me Mum’ twibbon to your profile picture on Facebook or twitter
  • Go to the website Don’t call me Mum to read more about the campaign and order your campaign pack (including badges, flyers and campaign posters) to share with your local community.

On twitter Tweet #dontcallmemum or #dontcallmedad on 28 November 2016.

Are you a therapist who recognises parents as partners?

If you are and what to show support to the campaign get involved by going to the Don’t call me Mum website, order a campaign pack and get involved and share with your colleagues.

For more information about the campaign you can contact info@dontcallmemum.com.


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