“Thank you so much for all your efforts,” Dave Prentis told strikers as their four-hour strike in the NHS in England drew to a close this morning

“It was a tremendous display of courage, strength and solidarity,” added Mr Prentis in a personal message.

“I’ve been at picket lines all morning and I’ve seen such great spirit and heart. And everywhere I went I saw the public fully supporting our strike.

“They know we’re not asking for the world – just a fair deal for our members who work so hard to look after the health of the nation.

“And that fight does not end here – all week, NHS members will be taking continued action, making sure they take their breaks and for ambulance workers, doing no voluntary overtime.

“Let’s continue to show this government that NHS workers deserve fair pay and the public is supporting them.”

Members will continue with other industrial action this week: urging all NHS staff to take their breaks they are entitled to – or refuse to do planned overtime in the ambulance service.