shutterstock_122692285All children need to play and be creative. It makes them happier, confident, better learners and better friends. But some of them need a little help. That’s why Create:CATT is committed to getting children to play creatively and to be the best they can be by supporting the adults who help them. Create:CATT provides creative arts and play-based training, therapy and consultancy services for healthcare and education professionals, voluntary welfare organisations, and parents.

Based in Singapore, Create:CATT delivers training in arts therapies, play and occupational therapy as well as supervision for health, education and welfare services, and parent groups. They do this through:

  • Online and in-person/live certified courses for professionals and parents
  • Short talks for schools, healthcare centres, VWOs and parent groups
  • Online assessments for children
  • Therapy for groups and individuals
  • Mentoring and supervision for parents, teachers and clinicians
  • Workshops and consultancy on creativity and human development for schools, VWOs and healthcare centres

Many of these can be tailored to fit the specific needs of groups and organisations.

78cff1c5-b182-4726-a264-00294e64c1a7Caroline Essame will be in the UK in the summer 2015, and Create:CATT would like to invite you to book or share the workshops taking place in London, Manchester and Dorset this year.

UK Workshops (2015)  – 6th July London, 8th July Manchester, 10th July Dorset.

Visit to register for the workshops and to find out more.