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A highly motivated Clinical Specialist at Neurofenix aims to help us transform the rehabilitation of stroke survivors to a fun and affordable journey and have a meaningful impact in their lives.  Do you find it difficult to motivate your patients to do more? Are they frustrated with boring, repetitive exercise? Would they benefit from something social, engaging and fun? Neurofenix is here to help!

Neurofenix is a purpose-driven start-up company determined to improve the life of stroke survivors. Our award-winning digital rehabilitation platform strives to be the most engaging training system on the market, empowering stroke survivors to train at clinic and home, and to regain movement and independence. Neurofenix has developed a set of games to promote repetitions and an innovative training equipment, the NeuroBall, for survivors to exercise while having fun. The NeuroBall won UK’s Best Invention 2018 and saw us featured in Sky News!

Lorna, stroke survivor’s wife – “The NeuroBall is definitely helping my husband with rehab and it’s something the kids enjoy watching as they feel their dad is now a gamer!”.

As a Clinical Specialist, you will: 

  • Create and nurture relationships with rehabilitation centres in the NHS and the independent sector with stroke services
  • Organise product demonstrations and trials with centres on a weekly basis
  • Provide training to clinicians to use the Neurofenix products and facilitate their integration in their daily practice.
  • Build a network of referring clinicians and facilitate the process of accepting orders
  • Educate and assess the patient’s clinical needs and recommend how NeuroBall can fit in their rehab goals
  • Provide excellent clinical support to patients and clinicians responding to website, email, and telephone inquiries
  • Collect testimonials of home users, track outcomes and develop case studies with therapists

As a plus, we would like you to:

  • Transmit feedback to improve the NeuroBall and generate ideas to make our digital platform and games more engaging and valuable to patients and clinicians
  • Identify urgent needs for new products and work with the product team to test ideas based on clinical reasoning and organise user trials and interviews
  • Support our enthusiastic Marketing Manager to generate content (flyers, presentations, blogs, education material, video tutorials) for stroke survivors and therapists

On a typical day, you will

  • Demonstrate the NeuroBall to a group of 15 therapists at a NHS centre
  • Call private physiotherapy centres to understand how they are using the NeuroBall in their practice and support them.
  • Visit a stroke survivor at her home to provide guidance on how to use the NeuroBall to maximise her potential
  • Write a case study to share the improvements of a patient with the NeuroBall with our online community
  • Reply to queries via email from leads and call customers to see how they are progressing and offer them advice
  • Meet the Chief Executive to suggest improvements on the NeuroBall and games and how to facilitate its integration in clinical practice and recommendation for home use.

As an ideal candidateyou have

  • Clinical experience in stroke rehabilitation
  • HCPC registered and member of a relevant professional body
  • Passionate about the use of technology in neurorehabilitation to increase intensity and support continuity of care to improve patients’ lives
  • Kind, friendly and outgoing and great at establishing relationships with patients and clinicians and continuously expanding your network
  • Enjoy travelling to centres around the UK, costs fully reimbursed by the company
  • Excellent communicator, strong organisational, planning and time management skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to learn quickly and keep updated on the latest evidence-based therapy
  • Can work independently while embracing teamwork
  • Research experience and having taken part in clinical trials is a plus

Ultimately, we’re looking for someone who wants to make a significant impact in people’s lives, that is ready for a big challenge and brings new ideas and energy to our team. If that sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!

To apply, please contact us at careers@neurofenix.com.

Clinical Specialist at Neurofenix

Help us transform the rehabilitation of stroke survivors to a fun and affordable journey