Captureot practiceThe OT Practice have published a video via YouTube to introduce ‘The OT Practice kids’ team of paediatric occupational therapists and how they work with children experiencing difficulties in sensory processing, handwriting or developmental milestones.

The OT Practice offer practical advice, therapy and play to help children overcome difficulties nationwide. The video highlights the incredible work ‘The OT Practice kids’ team does in helping children and families. Families first phone The OT Practice, where they will help identify the developmental problems children may be facing and source the closest OT to the family that can best help with their needs. OTs visit families in comfortable environments whether that be at the child’s home or school, fully assess the developmental needs and set developmental targets.

Offering parents and schools coping strategies and practical advice working with children from babies with developmental delays to the transition to school, colleague and into adult life, The OT Practice helps children become independent and prepared for adult life. Watch the video at