clos-o-mat-palma-vita-render_webThousands of people could remain in their own homes, instead of going into residential care, and save £000s in costs – simply by changing their toilet.

According to the Bladder & Bowel Foundation, incontinence is the second most common reason for older people to enter residential care. Research also highlights that there are over 425,000 people in care homes in the UK1, of which over 50% suffer from some form of incontinence2.

“A wash & dry toilet in place of a conventional WC would ensure that many of those people going into care because of a bowel control problem could stay in their own homes: the toilet’s built-in douching and drying would ensure they were properly, hygienically and consistently clean,” observes Robin Tuffley, marketing manager at Clos-o-Mat, Britain’s brand-leader in wash & dry toilets.

“The Bladder & Bowel Foundation itself says there is no reason why incontinence should be a reason for people to enter care. If people can be provided with assistive technology that addresses the cleanliness issue, it helps keep their independence and reduces the financial pressure on care provision, be it public or privately funded.

clos-o-mat palma spray email“And we have proven that even if someone went into residential care just because they needed help to be clean after toileting, the Clos-o-Mat would cost less than 10% of the residential care cost.”

Clos-o-Mat’s Palma Vita is the most advanced and most effective wash & dry toilet on the market. Looking like, and capable of being used as a conventional WC, its integrated wash & dry facilities remove the need for manual cleansing with toilet tissue. After toileting, the user remains seated and pushes the flush mechanism; simultaneous flushing and warm water douching is followed by warm air drying. A range of accessories, from touch-free operating mechanisms to bariatric support systems, ensures the unit can, uniquely, be tailored to individual requirements.

Clos-o-Mat introduced its first automatic/ wash and dry shower toilet to the UK 50 years ago; in excess of 40,000 of the toilets have since been sold- some of which are still in daily use 30+ years after first being installed. The family-owned company is unique in offering, in-house, comprehensive design advice, supply, installation, commissioning and after-sales service & maintenance, giving users complete peace of mind.

The range of Clos-o-Mat products is detailed on the company’s website, so users and their Occupational Therapists can easily see the solutions, watch a video on how the unit works, and find out how other users have benefitted.