The Caribbean is a paediatric, fully profiling bed that turns, has independent leg movement and will grow with the child. This specialist bed has a wide range of movements available that can help children reposition and find comfort with minimal intervention. An automatic turning system is available.

The Caribbean is suitable from toddler to teen with a starting length of 60” growing to 66” then finally 72”. The Caribbean can have its frame and panels customised to the user’s own personal preferences, and you can choose the colour and theme to complement any room, style or taste. This ensures the user get’s to choose exactly what they want.

Available for purchase or hire.


A testimonial from a Caribbean turning bed user:

“The bed does so many things to assist with sleeping. Sleeping when you have Muscular Dystrophy can be very difficult. As I’ve got weaker I can’t sit up in bed with ease, turning over is getting harder and I overheat at night. I normally rely on my mum when I need help, but my new Caribbean Bed from Centrobed has various settings to relieve my mum but also maintain my independence.

“The bed raises each side of the mattress so it can turn me which can either be done manually with a remote control or via an automatic turning system. Each leg can also be elevated individually which is great for me when I have some joint and muscle pain and pins and needles. The Caribbean bed can be customised for individual needs. I chose a Wonder Woman theme in pink and white and 3/4 side rail with no padding as I am still able to slide out the bed independently. I overheat really easily so no padding but a mesh guard still gives me the safety factor.”

Carmella Chillery-Watson

Contact Centrobed for more information: sales@centrobed.com or call 01233 635 353