The unexpected outbreak of a global pandemic has left many industries who operate in a face-to-face capacity with clients and customers unsure of how to proceed in understandably trying times. Maintaining the safety of clients – and the professionals in question – has become a top priority for many, including occupational therapists.

To help protect vulnerable clients while still allowing OTs to work remotely to improve people’s lives, Care & Independence have introduced their Remote Assessment Process, which will protect clients while still allowing OTs and clinicians to provide the support their patients need.

Care & Independence are still offering face-to-face appointments where circumstances allow it, with an increased focus on hygiene procedures. However, the Remote Assessment Process allows consultations and assessment to continue at a safe distance, and in accordance with the government’s social distancing policy

“As is plain for all to see, these are unprecedented times and the healthcare provision landscape is very turbulent and changeable on an intra-day basis,” said sales and marketing director, James Bennett, “but Care & Independence remain fully committed to support clinicians, service users and the social care/ NHS teams that we serve as much as we can.

“As we experience increasing duress in delivering our usual joint assessments, we have launched a Remote Assessment Process whereby we can still support clinicians and service users in selecting the most suitable product, over the phone, by video call or by e-mail. Early feedback has been incredibly encouraging with occupational therapists hugely responsive and engaged in order to maintain the support for their cases.

“All our field sales have extensive expertise and knowledge of assessing users’ needs and our products so I am confident that we are doing the utmost in limiting the number of less able and vulnerable individuals potentially going without the essential products to support care they continue to need irrespective of the incredibly demanding circumstances.”

Care & Independence have also confirmed that products can be drop-shipped directly to the patient or end-user, which will reduce the amount of contact with people that these products will come into, ensuring safety by limiting the chances for cross-contamination.

Forms for the Remote Assessment Process can be downloaded here. For more information, call Care & Independence on 0330 128 0808, or email them here. Video calls can also be requested.

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