Canary-Logo1The NHS is embracing innovation with major trials to improve patient care.

Older patients and people with long term conditions and mental health problems will be among the first to benefit from a major new drive to modernise how the NHS delivers care.

The NHS has announced the first wave of Test Beds including five health and care Test Beds and two ‘Internet of Things’ Test Beds.

Canary Care is one of the innovators joining the Care City Health and Care Test Bed – which will promote healthy ageing across a million-strong population in North East London. The partnership will test and evaluate combinations of innovative technologies that can help patients to manage their own health conditions and to remain as independent as possible, supported by carers who will receive the information and connections they need to coordinate care.

Stuart Sheehy, Managing Director of Canary Care said “We are delighted to be part of this ground breaking initiative. Technologies like Canary allow families to make better, more informed decisions about the care an older person needs and ultimately helps fulfil their need to continue living at home for longer”.

Helen Oliver, Interim Managing Director Care City;

“We are really excited to be working with Canary as one of our test bed innovators, we believe that the Canary product has the potential to really boost carer resilience by supporting carers to feel reassured that their family member is safe and well when they can’t be with them”

Canary Care helps older and vulnerable people live independently in their own homes by helping their families to see that they are coping but also show where they might need a bit of extra support so that they can make the right, informed decisions together.

Canary uses sensors that monitor movement, door activity and temperature, without cameras, and will send you a text if something unusual has happened.

Families can set up their own rules or reminders so Canary can keep an eye on specific issues for example;

  • Checking your relative has got up in the morning
  • Assessing if a room falls below a certain temperature
  • Checking if your relative hasn’t moved for an unusually long time
  • Seeing if doors are opened through the night
  • Assessing if fridge door are opened at regular intervals
  • Checking if a visitor has or has not been

For more information on Canary Care, please visit, email or call 01865 408366.