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Occupational therapy is of course one of those careers that has many forms because it applies in many settings and to all types of people. One career can have many different experiences. What does it mean to be an occupational therapist working with children with eating disorders?

Charley Maloy is a student social worker, currently doing work experience at one of the UK’s leading eating disorders treatment hospitals – Ellern Mede Ridgeway in Mill Hill, north London, which is currently recruiting for a qualified occupational therapist to join their team.

“We work around what is preventing a young person from engaging in everyday activities which are important to them. For example, anxiety may prevent the young person from engaging in social interaction such as a  patient group because they are too nervous. The OT can help them overcome through strategies until a patient becomes more independent. We help them to set their own goals and help to build their confidence to achieve them.”

What does this mean for the patient? Charley said: “Patients actively contribute towards their own goal setting and evaluating their own progress. Their ideas are very important. They are really planning their own recovery in a very individual way. When they reach a healthier place they will be discharged from hospital with a skill set that will keep them strong in their home setting. This includes everyday coping mechanisms.”

Ellern Mede is currently looking for a Band 5 Occupational Therapist with a minimum of two years of experience to join the team in north London, working closely with the lead OT and the whole multi-disciplinary team. The job involves providing individual and group support to the patients. Any readers interested in working with Ellern Mede should view our website for new positions, email careers@ellernmede.org or call the HR team on 0203 209 7900. Preferred closing date is by 30th November 2020.

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