Travel-Handy-Bidet-Sprayer_webThe Handy-Bidet Shattaf from Aquarius Hygiene offers a simple and convenient way to keep yourself clean while out and about or traveling. The bidet sprayer unit is small, compact and discreet enough to store in a hand bag or coat pocket. The unit is also self-contained when not in use.

You simply fill the reservoir with water, warm or tepid is ideal, attach the hose and press the button to spray and wash. This hand held bidet sprayer provides that little extra reach should you have mobility difficulties and also provides for a hands off experience should you not wish to use toilet tissues. The rechargeable battery powered operation means there’s no need to squeeze. You also get plenty of use from a single charge, just plug the provided USB style charger into the wall socket once the battery power has been used.

This bidet sprayer is designed for personal use but is just as useful for assisting with care given to others or even cleaning a babies bottom! The unit is quick and easy to dismantle.


  • Compact size to take anywhere
  • Lightweight & discreet portable shattaf sprayer
  • USB charging cable, charge anywhere
  • Two spray speeds for all your family needs
  • Rechargable battery with strong durable power output

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