Autistica, an autism research charity, has launched a call for proposals in association with Autism Research Trust for research on interventions around the time of diagnosis. From Autistica’s One in a Hundred report , they heard from many individuals on the autism spectrum and families that getting a diagnosis was a real challenge but also there was very little in terms of intervention and support delivered to them during that period.

Autistica is looking to fill that gap by encouraging research proposals to support families, who have young children (up to 10yrs old) on the autism spectrum, just before, during and/or immediately after diagnosis.

The first stage is to submit a letter of intent (LOI) by Sunday 2nd August 2015. Outline proposals will be reviewed by Autistica staff in terms of eligibility and adherence to Autistica’s Research Strategy, and where necessary Autistica’s Scientific Review Panel (SRP) will review scientific quality.

More information on scope and eligibility criteria is available on Autistica’s Guidance for Applicants.

Communication to applicants as to whether they passed the first stage or not will be made by 10th August 2015 and full applications must be received by 27th September 2015. Please read guidance on submitting a full proposal . Final funding decisions will be communicated to applicants by mid-February.

Budgets can be up to £150,000 over a two or a three year period.