Centrobed_Arctic_independentThe Arctic Multi action turning bed has many varying positions that the client or carer can choose to suit their needs, helping with breathing, reducing coughing and increasing comfort.

The Arctic reduces the time and effort it takes reposition. There is no need to be woken as the overnight automatic reposting allows both carer and patient an improved night sleep.

Gently at the touch of a button, and without the need for physical movement, a patient can manoeuvre themselves into a comfortable position with the Arctic Independent Turning Bed. In the warmth and comfort of familiar surroundings patients are given back their independence when they may otherwise have needed constant care in hospital or at home.

The frame of the Arctic is made up of different sections making it possible for the client to turn left or right whilst staying in the seated position. With its unique design the legs can be moved independently helping to reduce the risk of pressure sores and paraesthesia.

Available in sizes from paediatric to bariatric.

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