Abacus Ceiling Track Hoists

Abacus Ceiling Track Hoists

New Flagship Heathfield Rehabilitation Centre selects Abacus Ceiling Track Hoists for patients with brain injuries and neuro-degenerative illnesses

Located near Eastbourne, East Sussex, Heathfield Neuro Disability Service (within the Priory Hospital Heathfield) is an inpatient hospital that has been refurbished with state-of-the-art care facilities including Abacus Shuttle 200 hoists.



The flagship setting

Managed by Craegmoor, part of the Priory Group of companies, this impressive facility in Heathfield services 28 residents who require 24/7 nursing care. The centre includes two care wings one of which, the Boyce Unit, has been completely remodelled to specialise in neuro-rehabilitation programmes for patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) or neuro-degenerative conditions such as Motor Neurone Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

This new high specification wing includes attractive leisure and dining rooms, a specialist rehabilitation therapy centre and nine fully accessible en-suite bedrooms. Each bedroom incorporates high quality fixtures and fittings and an Abacus ceiling track hoist for safe transfer of semi and non-ambulant residents from bed to wheelchair.

A need for safe moving & handling

The Priory centre provides an impressive range of care services delivered by highly qualified professionals including a Rehabilitation Medicine Consultant, Psychiatric Consultant, therapists and a specialist nursing team. There is a requirement on a daily basis for immobile patients to be moved in and out of bed in the safest and most dignified manner. These moving and handling procedures also need to be performed without risk of back or muscle injury to carers – commonly associated with manual lifting or adjustment of patients. Hence a powered assistive solution was sought by Craegmoor and the building contractors, Princebuild Limited.

A proven solution

Abacus was selected to specify, supply, install and commission nine Shuttle 200 ceiling track hoists. These rail and motor unit systems provide powered assistance for carers when transferring patients around the bedroom, commonly from bed-to-wheelchair/bathing transit chair. The hoists combine with a variety of slings so that appropriate support is provided to every user.

The ‘H system’ of rails provides full coverage of each bedroom so that a transfer can take place from any location. This provides day-to-day flexibility for the carers and allows furniture to be repositioned within the room if patient equipment requirements change over time. The Shuttle 200 includes a variety of market-leading features and provides proven performance – helping to ensure utmost care for all residents.

Abacus Ceiling Track Hoists

Abacus Ceiling Track Hoists

Dedicated support

Bob Gibbs, Abacus Regional Sales Manager, worked closely with the care provider and the developer to ensure the install was as smooth as possible. Bob conducted an initial site survey in July 2015 and then presented recommended pre-installation works and hoist specifications to the developer.

Bob oversaw the fitting of the systems by the Abacus specialist installers in November 2015 and returned to ensure the hoists were fully operational after the commissioning phase. Training was offered to the Healthfield based care team and ongoing, responsive support is provided as the hoists meet high intensity demands.

Performance and results, Bob states; 

“From our initial meeting with Abacus Healthcare, from negotiations, design, installation and closing; our expectations have been exceeded. The employees of Abacus have performed with great professionalism, knowledge and competence. The design team were a pleasure to work with offering tremendous flexibility in order to help meet our clients expectations. Needless to say we are very satisfied with the installation and the completed product.”

George Asplin, BSc (Hons), Princebuild Project Manager

“The care team and I have been impressed with the Abacus ceiling track hoists in terms of performance and usability. Their intuitive controls ensure carers can transfer disabled patients efficiently and safely whilst maximising dignity and comfort. We pride ourselves on delivering the utmost care and these hoists help us to deliver on this promise. I would recommend Abacus Healthcare hoists to all requiring a solution that is proven to provide the best transfer experience.”