The TriLift is A Travel Revolution in mobility transport and it has now been launched in the UK, promising to make traveling with a scooter or powerchair so much easier. Here, TriLift tells us how this simple product can transform the lives of scooter and powerchair users…

In Britain alone, there are more than 350,000 mobility scooter or powerchair owners. You’d think that owning a scooter or powerchair enables people far more freedom to go where they want, and when they want, but it’s not as simple as that. 

The weight of a scooter or powerchair can be up to 204kg, so it’s no easy feat getting it in and out of the vehicle. Those scooters that can’t be disassembled require a vehicle that can accommodate the height, and then need to be pushed up onto a ramp or hoisted into the vehicle.

In both cases, they require the back seats to be folded down, and can take up all of the boot space.

Suddenly, going to the shops or for a day out isn’t so tempting.

The product is simplicity in itself. The scooter or powerchair is driven to the rear of the vehicle, the lift attaches to a bracket on the side of the scooter or powerchair, and at the touch of a button, is risen off the ground and secured in place, it’s as simple as that!

TriLift UK is the sole distributor to Europe and we have technicians around the country who will come and provide you with a free, no obligation demonstration at your own home. If you decide to proceed with a purchase, we will arrange everything for you.

Here’s what some of our customers have said:

“TriLift has made a huge difference to both myself and my wife, I used to wait in the car while she went in the supermarket. Now I can get my mobility scooter off the TriLift myself and go in with her. It’s wonderful.”
Mr Riley, Manchester

“We use our TriLift a lot. It’s really good and so easy to use, we couldn’t be more pleased. We’ve recommended it to many people who have enquired about it when they have seen it on our car.”
Sylvia James, Dinas Powys

“It’s given my husband a new lease of life. We often visit our DIY store where he’d walk round for 5 minutes leaning on the trolley before returning in pain to the car. Now, he takes his scooter off himself and away he goes, I don’t see him for half an hour or so!”
Mrs Whaley, Lancashire

Visit stand N11082 at Naidex where you can see the TriLift in action and if you place an order at the show you will receive a £100 discount!

For more information or to arrange a demonstration visit their website.

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