Sue McCarthy, from Canada, attends first 3-Day LAR Coaching Acreditation Course in Kidderminster, UK

Sue McCarthy, from Canada, attends first 3-Day LAR Coaching Acreditation Course in Kidderminster, UK

Around 12 million people in the UK, alone, suffer from some form of anxiety related condition. Generalised anxiety, panic disorder, agoraphobia, OCD, Pure O, PTSD, self-harming, eating disorders… the list goes on.

To date, the treatments of choice mostly included medication and talking therapies that, as any sufferer sadly knows, produce little in terms of recognisable relief. Access to care is sporadic at best, often leaving the patient without guidance, support or reassurance for extended periods of time. The effect can be devastating to families, careers, employers and economies, costing the UK alone tens of £billions each year in lost productivity and care. Private care is normally expensive, limited and curatively unsuccessful and sufferers are told that they must implement life-long anxiety management and coping strategies.

Few practitioners speak of anxiety disorder recovery, even fewer create recovery, but an organisation from the Midlands, that has been helping people from all over the world over the last 16 years, has developed what psychologists are referring to as ‘a new branch of psychological practice’. The practice model has been used to help over 170,000 people to date and is available in home learning, one-to-one, residential or organisational formats, meaning that practitioners can work within a variety of healthcare, educational or commercial settings to deliver the solutions with seamless, constant support and guidance.

Director of LAR, Charles Linden says: “The problem is mostly one of definition and ignorance about the true nature of high anxiety conditions. Anxiety is not fear, anxiety is an inappropriate manifestation of fear and is never acceptable and can be permanently eliminated, if you know how to do it. Despite the billions of pounds spent on anxiety disorders each year, the solution is within every sufferer’s grasp and our frustration is that the clear, irrefutable evidence we have collected over 16 years proves that we cure anxiety disorders, but we need to get it to the people who need it, which is how the practitioner qualification came about. What I named The Linden Method over 16 years ago, is now used by and referred to by psychologists and doctors in practice… people who suffer like I once did are finally receiving the care and recovery that eluded me for so long and with compliance, the outcomes are pretty much guaranteed. We have trainees coming from across the world to take what we do back to their country. It’s a truly wonderful thing for all involved, but most importantly, the sufferers.”

Linden Anxiety Recovery, or LAR Coaching, is a qualification accredited by the NCFE, one of the world’s oldest educational bodies, at professional Level 4.  The course can be undertaken by anyone wishing to practice as a Linden Anxiety Recovery Coach by completing a home study course (approximately 100 hours of study time).  Ex recovered Linden Method clients, who are passionate about guiding other sufferers to finding freedom from anxiety, love the idea of being able to ‘pay it forward’.   Existing practitioners can chose to undertake a three day Conversion Course as a LAR Coach to attain the same qualification, which counts as CPD.   Most incoming trainees already work in some form of healthcare but the training they receive produces such dramatic and emotive change in their patients that they experience a true sense of job fulfilment. The process qualified practitioners use has been tested in trials, analysed by psychologists, using data processing computers at Copenhagen University. The trial outcome echoes the results experienced in practice, an average reduction from ‘severe anxiety’ to ‘normal’ fear responses; in layman’s terms, full recovery. No other practices come close to this level of recovery success. The treatment falls within NICE guidelines, is administered by professional practitioners and can be taught to any person wishing to become an LAR Coach.

Sue McCarthy (pictured below) travelled from Toronto, Canada, to the UK for the first 3-Day Conversion Course last month, which was held at The Linden Centre’s headquarters in Worcestershire. Sue commented:

“I have spent my whole career working in the caring professions and I love it.  I have worked as a Social Worker in the UK for over 16 years before moving to Canada in 2003, and since my move to Canada, I have worked in the post-secondary education system. I have become increasingly alarmed at the numbers of students diagnosed with anxiety disorders and the terrible impact this is having not only on their academic experience but in all aspects of their lives.  They are often lost in a health care system which struggles to help them but with no real results.  I am passionate about what I do and so to develop a better understanding of anxiety disorders, and with a desire to find solutions, I stumbled across The Linden Method and I just knew that this was the right way forward.  It made so much sense to me.  Since then, I have been determined to become a LAR Coach.  I was delighted when I was accepted on the 3-day conversion course and it was totally worth the trip from Canada to the UK.  Training with Charles was so insightful for me.    I feel so inspired and confident in the knowledge that people no longer have to suffer and I am now better equipped to help people become anxiety free using the Linden Method. I highly recommend this training, as I believe the more trained people that are in place to provide early intervention the less people have to needlessly suffer.  I truly want to make a difference in people’s lives and I am so thrilled that now I will be able to do just that with LAR Coaching. Thank you Charles, for “putting yourself out there” and for making a difference in people’s lives.”

LAR Coach, Tony Smith, commented:

“I have worked as a Hypnotherapist for 16 years and only wish I had found The Linden Method many years ago. I have trained in CBT, NLP, and advanced hypnotherapy and whilst these techniques can help manage some of the symptoms of anxiety, they will not cure it.   I too, have experienced anxiety and so am fully aware of the detrimental effect it can have on your life and on those close to you.   The Linden Method has not only cured me, but it has changed my life. I have now not only cured myself but as a result of what I have experienced first hand, I decided to change my career path.   I am now working as a LAR Coach and I feel privileged – I will now, not only be teaching my clients coping strategies, I will be guiding them to ultimate freedom from their condition so that they can – as Charles Linden says – ‘become the person they want to be’.  I highly recommend this training it has changed my life and will be changing the lives of my clients.”

LAR Tutor and Psychotherapist, Kathy Donovan, says:

“During the time that I’ve worked at The Linden Centre, providing telephone and email support to our clients, I estimate that I’ve spoken to, in excess of 30,000 anxiety sufferers, over the last 11 years.  A very high percentage of our clients have been prescribed medication and/or have had talking therapy (CBT).  They have often been told that they can only ever hope to manage their condition and have only been given ‘coping strategies’.  I want every suffer to know that they do not have to live with their condition, that they can eliminate it permanently and that they can be better than they thought they could ever be.”

The LAR Coaching Accreditation is the only anxiety recovery practitioner qualification available. Tens of thousands of people offer testimonials of support and celebrities such as Coronation Street’s Kate Ford, Birds of a Feather’s Linda Robson, supermodel Jodie Kidd and her sister, Lady Jemma Mornington and Vogue’sPlum Sykes have spoken out in world press and social media, about the experiences they have had with the treatment.